Machine description

The FX1200 includes everything you need to begin finishing labels immediately. The following items are included:

Touch screen Computer and power supply
Euro and USA/Japan power cord located in supply box
7 slitter blades, preinstalled in unit
10 knives/Holders. Knives come preinstalled in color coded holders. You should have 1 red knife, 2 green knives, 3 blue knives, and 4 silver knives. These are located in the supply box.
10 Plastic Depth Gauges. Depth gauges are used to adjust the blade depth. They screw onto the end of the knife holders. They are only used in rare circumstances where adjusting knife pressure is not a fine enough adjustment to prevent the knife from puncturing the liner.
Assortment of Cardboard Cores
2mm Hex Driver
3mm Hex Driver
Utility Knife

The FX1200 Digital Finishing System from Primera Technology, Inc. gives you a fast, simple and inexpensive way to finish labels for any project in any industry. Label finishing was once a complex and expensive process, but the FX1200 has changed the rules of the game by providing a reliable, all-in-one system that can produce finished rolls of labels affordably and with little effort.

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