Machine description

“This is a Muller Martini Star Perfect Binder, Model 3006-20, 24 Station, 20 Pocket Binder with Milling, Gluing, Cover Feeder, Nipping Stations. Approximately 75 feet. Drying conveyors, 3 Knife Trimmer and Stacker. Speed up to 6000 books per hour. Used to gather, glue, apply covers or L/L books. Can bind books up to 2 1/4". Recent glue pot rebuild, $40k in NEW spare parts comes with binder.

The model of the feeders is: Type 3006-20
The model of the stations: Type 272
The model of the 3 knife trimmer: Type 3670
The model of the rebuilt glue pot: Nordson Series 3900

The “spare parts” for the perfect binder are “new” and mostly for scheduled on-going maintenance. There are hundreds of new bearings, rollers, 20 new or just sharpened knife blades, 12-15 cases of “glue” for the recently overhauled ($5K) glue pot, brand new conveyer belt, stanchions and brackets, belts and flywheels, and misc. parts, and all the manuals and maintenance logs. Being that this was government owned, all parts and maintenance were ordered and conducted on-time and without concern for dollars. The approximate value is closer to $75K in parts.

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